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Thursday, June 14

Just updating.. anybody.

So work has been really weird. Drama went on between the cook and my sister and i got really confused about my position in it all. Keryn and Shannon both quit, along with the head cook Curtis, so all the really cool people all just left at once. Except Peter. but he's only there on the weekend.. But i got a raise a little while back. Funny story. I asked for a raise and he said No, so then i got a second job, and was working two jobs for about a week or two. Then my boss told me he wanted me to work more hours and i was like "i cant cause i have work at the other place" so he gave me a raise in pay and hours so i would quit the other place. Woot. I am really not liking working there right now though.. I have decided that once these new people have been there a few months and gotten good at it, then i can try to find a new job, hopefully someplace that doesn't serve food. Even though tips are really great.

I dont remember if i ever posted that my cats Rufio and Neeno died a while back. I dont know the date right now, but i have it in my planner somewhere. But anyway, we got two new kittens about a week ago and they are very very sweet.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Val and I had been fighting often for the past few months, and recently my mom asked me to make her move out. So massive amounts of drama and emotion went on, it's too complex to even begin explaining, though. In the end, Val moved out, and we aren't best friends anymore, and apparantly, never will be again. I might miss her someday in the future, but right now i am happy we are not around eachother.

On a lighter note, i am back into video gaming, which is exactly what i knew i needed. I've got a WoW account going and im in the middle of Chrono Cross. Its good shit. Just bought FFXII, too... but I dont have time for it right now, so i'm letting my friend play it before me, so i can finish my chrono cross-ing.

School ended on wednesday, but i have summerschool as always. i'm still really far behind, but i'm still moving.. QQ

Oh and also, Michele wasnt using her iPod so i put all my itunes on there and have been loving it so much.. she never wants to use it, and i always want to use it.. and it just works out so well.

Mmkay, well there you have it.
I'm out.
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