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Hey. I haven't updated this damn thing in quite a while. I sorta just started to check my friends page because i had nothing to write about.

Well, those kittens are six weeks old now. Two of them are sick.. one's got puss all in it's eye and one's just sickly looking, all skinny and stuff. We've got meds for them and everything, but the one with the nasty eye can't get better unless we get the puss out of it's eye, and thats just too icky for us to do. We were gonna give the two up to the shelter, so they could help them, but they told us they were just gonna put them to sleep, so we kept them. *shrugs* There is still one healthy short haired black one, if Loryn and Tierney want it. It's pretty much ready to go to a new home.

Yesterday I went and hung out with Val. We walked over to Sam's, wanting to go swimming, but then after we got there, it cooled down, so we were just like "eh. forget it."
We spent the night there. Having late night chit-chats and.. soda. And makeovers(lmao). Then today we went off to Val's mom's work. Walked there. Was a good long walk, but we got free pizza, soda, and tokens for arcade games. Good stuff. Then later we went off into the hills and had a walk around out there. Val picked up a tiny froggy. Ew. Saw a baby bunny rabbit... was effing CUTE.
Played with nunchucks... Came home. Was happy to get to the shower, after all the walking I did.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out on Tuesday. I'll uh.. let you all know how that goes.
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