Jordy (2cool4doodie) wrote,

Been a long time since I rock and rolled

Just updating because it's been a long time.
My job at Zanos is working out fine. Getting scheduled often enough to call it a real job, now. Good times! Even got myself a joint bank accouht with Keryn, so now i can really start saving. Its good.
Ummmm. I dunno. There's nothing else going on! I'm dying to move out of the house, though. It's like completely impossible, But i want to so bad. I'm going mad living with my sisters and mom. We're all driving eachother nuts. There is like ZERO privacy in the house and it's staring to get extremely frustraing. I really want Val to get a job so that we can BOTH be saving, cause then we could start trying to leave the house a little sooner, but she doesn't seem to care about having a job or not, so i'm not gonna nag her.
Alright. Well. Thats about all I can think of.

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