Jordy (2cool4doodie) wrote,

Just 'cause

I feel like I should update.
Or let myself ramble. I dunno which one is gonna happen yet.

Alright.. so.. things are good. I could go off on how things are bad but in reality things are fine. I'm just emo.
So yeah uh.. I was down to 145 in my weight and things were good but now i think i'm up ten lbs and its really making me crazy. Its ok though because I'm going to fix it. But it still is making me crazy. Ummm. I'm frustrated with home life.. mostly because of mom and paco. Too frustrating. Everybody thinks i've changed and that now i'm rotten and unpleasant, but Val agrees that I haven't really changed, just that i'm starting to be myself. Turns out i'm like afraid to be myself in front of my family. I discovered that. Fun. What elese?
Oh, I'm gonna be in the crowd watching OKGo live on the Jimmy Kimmel show on the 20th. Just.. in case anybody watches that show.

Thats pretty much it. Later.
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