Jordy (2cool4doodie) wrote,

s'been a long time, s'been a long time...

...lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time...

Updating because Its been forever.
So.. we are all moved in to the new house now. I'm sharing a room with two sisters again. Its been good so far.
Chester ran away. I dont wanna think about it, so thats all you get.
I want Dirge of Cerberus...among many other games...
I lost 20 lbs. But its still coming off.
I am starting school on Wednesday... And I'm gonna start ACTUALLY doing my work. And I mean it this time.
I'm trying to focus on just school now.. cause.. i effed up before.
I just picked a bad scab and it was very satisfying.
Trying to think of what else is new that i can update about, but there's really nothing else... that I can think of.

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