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Raped in the mouth.

This morning i went off to the oral surgeon and got my wisdom teeth out. It was good. I had a really good sleep. Seriously. I dreamt about Cloud and Sephiroth. Wtf.
It was kinda funny though, cause they were all "Ok now, when you get up your legs are gonna be a little wobbly, so let me help" and i'm like "Oh, no, really, i'll be fine" and i got up and almost ate it. lawl.
I am concerned about my bottom left one though.. It is bleeding pretty hardcore. Am running out of gauze. *shrugs*
I got them out at 8:30 am or something. Its like almost 1pm now and i'm still completely numb in the face.

Oh, so uh.. One of the kittens is all better. Only one funk eyed one now. So.. that's good.

All's good and stuff.
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